KTTD Round 3 Webinar Presentions

2023 KTTD Round 3 Webinar Series



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Oct 19



Dr. Kara Webster - Advancing Digital Soil Mapping Tools in Support of Forest Resource Inventory, Planning and Decision Making

Webster Presentation Advancing Digital Soil Mapping tools

Webster Recording KTTD Round 3 Webinar Series Password CrXFvra4



Donald Robinson - Linking Forest Resources Inventory Data to Forest Vegetation Simulator-Ontario

Don Robinson Presentation Linking FRI Data to FVS-Ontario

Don Robinson Recording KTTD Round 3 Webinar Series Password 3kDe66AX

Oct 26



Craig Robinson, Grant McCartney

Forest Information Manual-Compliant LiDAR Inventory of Selected Areas in the Romeo Malette

C.Robinson and G.McCartney Presentation FIM compliant LiDar Inventory

C.Robinson and G.McCartney Recording KTTD Round 3 Webinar Series password tSwUMCu5

Nov 2



Craig Robinson - Enhancements for eFRI Next Generation Handhelds - for Vegetative Sampling Network Plots

CRobinson Presentation eFRI Handhelds

C.Robinson Recording KTTD Round 3

Recording password: tSwUMCu5



Andy Welch - Assisting Ottawa Valley Forest Transition to T2 Forest Resources Inventory

Andy Welch Presentation Ottawa Valley T2 FRI

A.Welch Recording KTTD Round 3

Recording password: qHawhZE2

Nov 9











Dr. Margaret Penner, Murray Woods, Alex Bilyk -


  • Automated Characterization of Forest Vertical Structure Using Single Photon LiDAR
  • Accelerating the Implementation of Enhanced Forest Inventories in Ontario
  • Assessing Site Productivity from Remote Sensing and Historic information


Penner,Woods,Bilyk Presentation KTTD R3 Webinar

Penner,Woods,Bilyk Recording KTTD Round 3

Recording password: mHrmNT33

Nov 16



Dr. Mahadev Sharma – Developing Growth & Yield Models for White Pine and White Spruce Plantations

Sharma Presentation KTTD R3 Webinar

Sharma  Recording KTTD Round 3

Recording password: TxWZuHR8

Nov 23





Dr. Nicholas Coops -

  • Automated Road and Attribute Extraction from Single Photon LiDAR Data



  • Integration of Photo Interpreted and LIDAR Attributes into a Polygonal Forest Inventory Framework Attributes

Coops Morley Presentation KTTD R3 Webinar

Coops Morley Recording KTTD R3 Webinar 

Recording password: VqpS5wuW


Coops Berman Presentation KTTD R3 Webinar

Coops Berman Recording KTTD R3 Webinar 

Recording password: 2RfgpHGA

Nov 30



John Pineau - Private Land Inventory and Economics Study

Pineau, Gwilliam Presentation KTTD R3 Webinar

Pineau, Gwilliam Recording KTTD R3 Webinar

Recording password: Ye4Gt2js



Dr. Chris MacQuarrie , Amy (Zhaoshu) Shi -

Developing an Inventory of Eastern Hemlock for Ontario

MacQuarrie, Shi Presentation KTTD R3 Webinar

MacQuarrie, Shi Recording KTTD R3 Webinar

Recording password: qFFB769M

Feb 8   .........   

 12:00 - 



Jonathan Davis, Colin MacMichael,

Adam Anderson -

Development of LiDAR-based Geospatial

Tools to Aid in Operational Planning in Ontario


Davis, MacMichael, Anderson Presentation KTTD Round 3 Webinar .......................................................................................

Davis, MacMichael, Anderson Recording KTTD Round 3 Webinar 

Recording password:GgUAMHV7
12:30-1:00 6A-2021 Becky Edwards - eFRI Wetland Crosswalk and Applied Products

Edwards Presentation KTTD Round 3 Webinar 

Edwards Recording KTTD Round 3 Webinar 

Recording password: XkdJhJw7





November 1-2, 2017

The eFRI KTTD Symposium provided an opportunity for Round 1 projects to be presented to a wide range of audience that included industry, government and academia .  It was well attended with 83 people joining in person and about 300 visitors tuning into the live broadcast on each of the two days. Presentation requests can be made through the office.


Speaker Presentation and Deliverable Video of presentation
  • Ontario MNRF eFRI Update
Dr. Kara Webster
  • Digital Soil Mapping for eFRI in Ontario’s Diverse Landscapes
  • Deliverable- contact FFTC office
Dr. Mathew Leitch
(Scott Miller)
  • Upgrading eFRI with Wood Property Metrics
Dr. Kevin Lim
Dr. Guy Larocque
  • Process-Based Forest Growth Modelling Using eFRI:


Angus Carr
  • eFRI Application
Dr. Wayne Bell
  • Next Steps (Climate Change, Caribou and Species At Risk)
Dr. Glen Brown and
Lisa Pollack
Dr. Doug Reid
  • Accuracy of eFRI Ecosite and Species Composition
Keith Hautala
  • How Reliable are Stand Stocking Estimates? A Comparative Analysis on Current and New Methodologies
Colin Arlidge


May 1, 2017
Boreal Forest Health Information Session

In combination with the Forestry Futures Trust Committee Silvicluture Workshop, the MNR&F's Boreal Forest Health Information Session was held March 22, 2017.  This allowed for attendees to partiipate in both sessions.  The presentations from the second day are hyperlinked below.

Forest Health Program:
i) History of the program,   
ii) Current delivery model,
iii) EAB provincial update
Dan Rowlinson -Provincial Forest Health Program Coordinator
Forest Health Update for NW and NE Regions Lia Fricano - Forest Health Technical Specialist - Timmins,
Mike Francis - Forest Health Technical Specialist -Sault Ste. Marie
Vance Boudreau - Forest Health Technical Specialist – Thunder Bay
2016 Minnesota Forest Health Highlights Mike Parisio - Forest Health Specialist, Minnesota Department Natural Resources
Mountain Pine Beetle – The threat to Ontario pine species Dr. Barry Cooke - Acting Provincial Forest Entomologist, Crown Forest and Lands Policy Branch, Forest Sustainability and Information Section, MNRF
The Importance of Science in Monitoring Dr. Alvaro Duran - Forest Health Research Scientist, Forest Research and Monitoring Section, MNRF
Spruce Budworm - an updated perspective on the science of cycling, with implications for Ontario Dr. Barry Cooke - Acting Provincial Forest Entomologist, Crown Forest and Lands Policy Branch, Forest Sustainability and Information Section, MNRF


March 22, 2017

Road Decommissioning

Jodi Hall, Regional Planning Forester, MNRF

Enhancing Ontario’s Silviculture Policies

Rob MacLeod, Provincial Silviculture Program Specialist, MNRF

FFT Silviculture Program Overview

Shelley Vescio, Program Coordinator, Forestry Futures Trust Committee

Shadows and Light: Tree Retention Effects on Understory Light and Regeneration Planning in Boreal Mixedwoods

Dr. Bill Parker, Research Scientist, OFRI

Challenges of Managing White Pine in the Shelterwood System

Andree Morneault, Silviculture Forester, Nipissing Forest Resource Management Inc.

Creating Optimum Light Levels for White Pine Regeneration Through Mid-story Removals

Liz Cobb, GIS & Silviculture Tech, Ottawa Valley Forest Inc.

Effects of 50 years of Precommercial Thinning on the Forest Value Chain in Northwestern New Brunswick

Michael Hoepting, Silviculture Research Forester, Canadian Forest Service

Precommercial Thin of Fire-Originated Jack Pine


Deanna Hoffman, Chief Forester, Ne-Daa-Kii-Me-Naan Inc.

Challenges and Opportunities: Density Management in Boreal Conifers

Dr. Doug Reid, Research Scientist, Boreal Silviculture, CNFER

Prescribed Burning Primer

Ian Staley, Prescribed Burn and Fire Behaviour Specialist, MNRF

Scott Wiseman, Fire Operations Supervisor , MNRF

Application of Prescribed Fire to Untreated Roadside Slash Debris

Tara Pettit, Management Forester, Sioux Lookout District, MNRF

Confederation PB: Renewal of a Natural Disturbance

Holly Aggas – Silviculture Forester, Domtar

Mike Kitney AFFES, Fire Operations Supervisor