Forestry Futures Trust (FFT) Programs:


The FFT silviculture program is the flagship program of the FFT under Section 51 of the Crown Forest Sustainablity Act. The Trust was established to provide funding for treating areas that were affected by natural disturbances and that otherwise be left untreated and likely not regenerate.

Other purposes specified by the Minister include the programs listed below. 


Historic Programs:


Note to Applicants:  Please be aware that information contained in the Application, The Notice of Project Approval, Terms of Project Approval, the Reimbursement Authorization Form, Interim Reimbursement Request, Final Reimbursement Request, Project Work Reports, or any documents submitted with these documents is collected under the authority of the Act and shall be considered public information subject to the application of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act R.S.O.  1990, c. F. 31. The information will be used in evaluating project proposals and may be disclosed by the FFTC, the Trustee, an auditor or the Minister in reports that may be required to be produced or in information that may be requested under the Act.