Forest Genetic Resource Management Program (FGRM)    

On January 26, 2017, the Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry specified the following as a purpose for the Forestry Futures Trust (FFT):

"The funding of forest genetic resource management activities.    This purpose will be referred to as the "forest genetic resource management program".

The amount of funding for this purpose is not to exceed $675,000 per annum for five fiscal years ending March 31, 2022. Funding for core activities is set at a combined annual maximum of $375,000 to be divided equitably between the associations.  Total funding for project-based activities is set at a combined maximum of $300,000/year.

This purpose will be funded from the Forestry Futures Trust base charge.  The funding will be available by application to Superior Woods Tree Improvement Association, Northeast Seed Management Association and the Forest Gene Conservation Association.

Approved activity categories under the FGRM program include:

1. Contribution to achievement of goals of the Provincial Tree Improvement Master Plan or MNRF forest genetic resource management policies or plans
2. Information Management supporting forest genetic resources
3. Establishment and maintenance of genetic tests or archives
4. Forest gene conservation projects
5. Forest genetic research.
6. CORE Regional association activity expenses

All activities contribute to the CFSA purpose of providing for the sustainability of Ontario’s Crown forests.

Application forms and criteria are provided directly to the Associations by Forestry Futures Trust Committee office.

Forest Gene Conservation Association                    (FGCA)

Funded Projects

Northeastern Seed Manangement Association (NeSMA)

Funded Projects

Superior Woods Tree Improvement Association (SWTIA)

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