Enhanced SFL Transition Program

The Forestry Futures Trust Committee will be accepting applications for funding to support the transition to Enhanced Sustainable Forest Licenses. The Forestry Futures Trust Committee, in collaboration with Ministry staff, has developed the following guidance and application documents for this program. This initiative is a key element of the Ministry’s broader Tenure Modernization process.


NOTE: The Adobe PDF application documents presented below are for information purposes only. Please contact Kevin Coombs of MNR’s Forest Tenure Section at (705) 945-6717 or kevin.coombs@ontario.ca before proceeding with filling out the application.  In general, requests for funding should be developed through collaboration among communities, First Nations, and other existing or future Enhanced SFL partners.


A user friendly version of the application and budget document is available by contacting your Ministry of Natural Resources representative or the Forestry Futures Trust Committee (admin@forestryfutures.com).


For information purposes only:

FFT SFL Conversion Application Process and Eligibility

FFT SFL Conversion Forms  templates

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